Save energy &
support our school
the Rakafuki Friends
LED lightbulb

This is an exciting new fundraiser for local schools and a great way for the community to save energy.

A 22-year light bulb

that is bright, efficient and produces beautiful, warm white light.

Cute animal costumes

designed to get kids engaged and excited about energy efficiency.

100% of the profits

from the sale of Rakafuki Friends go to support local schools.

How it works

Each animal contains a super-efficient LED light bulb.

Use it to replace an old incandescent or CFL bulb, and save lots of energy.

Save lots of money over its long lifespan.

Give your old bulb an afterlife — place it in the fun, collectible animal package and display!

About the Bulb

Lighting Science is the world's best-selling consumer LED replacement brand. The Good Night LED bulb uses just 12 watts and produces 800 lumens with excellent color rendering. Its average lifetime is 22 years, and it is compatible with most dimmer switches.

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